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parallelpastsparallel pasts
white290 density290the density of chance and circumstance
white290 notomorrow290if today has no tomorrow
white290 unfold290when reality unfolds
white290 lookingfordirectionlooking for direction
white290 moments the chain of events that led to the disappearance of...
white290 momentslost and found you
white290 together190together we make it work
white290 madnessbetween madness and meaning
white290 this is howthis is how we never met
white290 moments the depths of many marvelous moments seen all at one time
white290 frictionthe ruler and the ruled

extraordinary290the extraordinary coincidence of an ordinary life

howofthenow290the how of the now

pastpresent290 the past, the present and the would be could be
white290 missingseconds290searching for the missing seconds
white290 afraidfox and hound (chasing you, chasing me)
white290 victory first kiss
white290 victoryvictory, in black and white
white290 brothersbrothers
white290 birdshow birds get lost
white290 momentsthinking back while moving forward
white290 momentsinception
white290 friction friction

My drawings have three interconnected elements; an idea, a system and information.

The process often starts with an idea or concept; usually something that stands out or gets my attention as part of the complexity of social interaction. This can be centered around the emotions of the individual experience inside such a system or the system itself.

The next step is designing a system with rules and restrictions which relates to it. After completing the design for this system, the information, often random numbers generated for this specific system, gets transformed into actions by this system.

The execution of the repetitive actions is a struggle of man versus system. The result is a minimalistic abstract visual layer that, combined with a carefully chosen title, links and combines the system with the idea.

This is a selection of my work. Feel free to contact me for a studio visit at: