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the past, the present and the would be could be (2016)
pigment ink fineliner and graphite on paper
110 x 73 cm

We all make plans. Plans how we fold our past into a future. Whether it is the immediate future or a vision of how you see yourself in years to come. For some everything beyond the now becomes uncertain suddenly. They live in a time of increasing unrest or uncertainty. It is possible they could be forced away at any moment from what they call home because it is not save anymore. Each day they are forced to evaluate the situation in which they live in order to decide whether it is time to flee to a different place, to change their live radically and suddenly, some place new where you have to make a new home for yourself, learn a new language. A place where you might not even be welcome. What -and when- is the tipping point that changes your future from would be into could be?